WORKNC CAM and WORKXPLORE 3D Viewer Boost Efficiency at Heck & Becker GmbH

Heck & Becker, a specialist in die-cast mold production has focused exclusively on the construction of sophisticated molding tools since the 1990s, producing components which play a central role in the production of lightweight engines and transmissions.


WORKXPLORE 체험판 프로그램을 통해 사용중인 장비와 공구를 이용한 실제 작업 환경에서 현장 작업자와 CAM 운영자가 아무런 비용과 리스크 없이 제품을 시험가동할 수 있으며, WORKXPLORE기능과 성능 및 효율성을 직접 확인하고 현재 작업 공정과 방법을 개선할 수 있도로 벤치마킹 할 수 있습니다


WorkXplore has been created for the efficient import and analysis of files of all sizes and types but it is the speed at which it imports large, and even very large, 3D CAD files which is particularly impressive, often taking less than half the time to open a file compared to the original CAD application.