WORKNC Seminars Prove A Hit at SIMTOS

Hundreds of visitors to the SIMTOS exhibition in Seoul, South Korea, attended WORKNC’s seminars which highlighted new features in the forthcoming WORKNC V23, and demonstrated how the Vero Group is now the world’s largest, and number one, CAM specialist.
Moonsoo Lee, Branch Manager of WORKNC Korea, says: “The recognition of being part of the leading CAM business, globally, is greatly empowering, and will lead to many benefits and added value in the months and years to come.”
It was the first time WORKNC had attended an exhibition with other Vero brands, sharing the booth with Vero’s South Korean reseller, Inno Corporation, who featured EDGECAM, ALPHACAM and RADAN. “We were able to explain to visitors to our booth and seminars how the Vero Group can help take their businesses to the next level.
“We achieved our most important goal from the show, which was to highlight WORKNC’s new corporate identity as part of Vero.” 
Visitors to the booth saw how WORKNC V23 continues the development of finishing toolpaths, which was completely revised in the previous version. Moonsoo Lee says: “This development has continued by focusing on the precision and fluidity of cutter trajectories along with component finish quality of its Remachining toolpaths.”
In addition, V23 optimises the machining environment by introducing a toolpath transition feature. This allows transitions between any toolpaths in the same project to be managed in WORKNC, giving the operator full control on the NC machine. Control is further enhanced by a new collision detection management module.
Almost 1,500 people visited the WORKNC booth, with a number either finalising a purchase at the show, or completing the deal immediately afterwards. 
WORKNC held three seminars on each of the five days SIMTOS (Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show). Sealin Heo, Marketing and Communication officer says: “As the theme of the exhibition was ‘Convergence Of Manufacturing Technologies And Machine Tools,’ it was the perfect venue to highlight how WorkNVC enhances productivity, reliability and flexibility, which helps our customers increase their profits.” 
On the other part of the Vero booth, Inno presented EDGECAM’s two game-changing features: Workflow and Waveform Roughing. Workflow allows engineers to add toolpaths in seconds, and Waveform is designed to maximise material removal rates while prolonging tool life. 


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